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Chicken woku recipe typical of Manado, Delicious and Addictive

How to cook Manadonese woku chicken. Confused about what to cook today, just try the Manado woku chicken recipe which is delicious and delicious and it’s not difficult to make it below. This dish is one of the favorite dishes of many people. This is certainly not surprising, because this dish has a delicious and delicious taste.

In addition, how to make chicken woku typical of Manado is not difficult, so you can easily cook it yourself at home. Curious to immediately try it yourself at home? Check out the Manado woku chicken recipe below.

Manadonese woku chicken recipe

You can make this Manadonese woku chicken using ingredients and spices and how to make it as follows.

Manado specialty woku chicken ingredients and seasonings

Here are complete instructions on how to make Manadonese woku chicken. Listen and follow the steps below.

How to make chicken woku typical Manado:

  1. Clean the chicken.
  2. Blend the ground spices.
  3. Saute ground spices along with lime leaves that are roughly sliced ​​and lemongrass, until cooked and wilted.
  4. After that add the chicken and stir until evenly distributed, let stand for a while so that the spices infuse.
  5. Add water and add salt, chicken stock, sugar and pepper to taste.
  6. After the chicken is cooked, add the tomatoes and wait until the water shrinks a bit.
  7. After shrinking, add the basil and stir until wilted.
  8. Adjust the taste when it is right, turn off the stove and serve.

This is the Manadonese woku chicken recipe that you can try and practice in your own kitchen. With the spices and how to make this practical Manado woku chicken, you can now serve this delicious and delicious dish to your family at home, no longer need to worry about the quality and safety of the ingredients used to make Manadonese woku chicken. So that you feel more calm and comfortable when enjoying your favorite Manado woku chicken.

Woku is a special spice made from the Manado area which is used to cook meat. More curious about the typical cuisine of the city of Manado? Mother will soon give you all the secret recipes for woku bengga chicken cooking. WOKU CHICKEN RECIPE If you want to cook, think about how good this chicken is cooked, if it’s fried, it’s just like that, right? The next Manado culinary specialty which is also made from basic ingredients in the form of chicken is chicken woku belanga.

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